Every nurse was drawn to nursing coz' of a desire to cure, to server, or to help.
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Who we are?

A leading nursing college in Davangere.

Bapuji School of Nursing and Bapuji College of Nursing are the premier institutions established by Bapuji Educational Association (Regd.), Davangere, Karnataka - India. The association was established by a group of eminent philanthropic people of Davangere whose main concern was the upliftment of education in and around Davangere.

Qualified Faculties

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Clinical training facilities

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Philosophy of College of Nursing/School of Nursing

Bapuji College of Nursing and School of Nursing believes in Developing nursing students on the broad concepts of physical, biological and social sciences and Nursing theories and practicals based on fundamental principles of nursing, so that they become competent enough to provide comprehensive nursing care to the clients and their families, at the institutional and the Primary Health Centre level. This also helps the nurses to develop desirable professional attitude. Thus they become positive health care providers in the community at large.

Professional nursing is broad based and includes preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services. Health education, guidance and counseling, both to clients and families are an integral part of nursing care. Being professional health practioners they work in close collaboration with other members of the health team and aim towards attaining optimum health for all members of the society.

The well knowledgeable faculty believes that education is for life long and is a continuous process. Thus they are well involved in updating their knowledge, develop new skills, attitudes and develop abilities through on-the-job training, continuing education and in service education.

Our Vison & Mission

To provide high-quality education that is affordable, while also giving students the knowledge and skills they need in their chosen field, instilling values, spotting hidden talents, and giving them the chance to reach their full potential. This will help students become future nurses, leaders in nursing field and, most importantly, compassionate individuals

The College of Nursing's goal is to provide various pupils with accessible, affordable, high-quality education for the development of nurse practitioners at all practice entry levels.


Years of Experience