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OBG Nursing
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S.S.General Hospital, K.R.Road, Davangere
The Department of

Obstetrics & Gynecological Nursing

The OBG Nursing departments strategy is to empower support that is prepare nurse graduates for caring women, newborns and their families through research education and advocacy

The department is designed for graduate and post graduate students to develop expertise and in depth understanding in the field obstetrics and gynecological nursing. It further enable the student to function as independent midwifery practitioner, effective educators, managers and researchers at different settings.

The lab is 1200 St. Qt. well equipped with various mankins, palpation models, labour simulators with labour charts to promote safe midwifery case by demonstrating and reinforcing the highest level of performance learning realistic and authentic care provision.


To monitor and evaluate obstetrics and gynecological nursing skills of faculty and students.

To demonstrate competency in practice to promote quality care to women and neonates

To incorporate evidence based nursing practice and identify the areas of research in the field obstetrics and gynecological nursing

To demonstrate ethics in practice and research

To integrate the concepts of family centered nursing care and nursing processes approach in obstetrics and gynecological nursing

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