Our Principal Speaks


I consider it a privilege and honor to be the Principal of Bapuji college of Nursing and excited to guide my nursing students to make their nursing career a lot better..

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What our Principal is saying?

I believe that the nursing profession is exceptional because it incorporates the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains. A nursing education equips one to ascend from the depths to the light

I believe that education should encourage one to explore many pathways and not just be limited to books. Young people with original ideas and creative minds make up the institute's student body. They all possess inherent talents and unique skills. It is our obligation as a facilitator, mentor, and educator to ignite their interest and to foster and instil the proper ideals in them. The institute places a strong emphasis on personality development in order to produce nurses who are knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional

In order for the students to give standard nursing care in the healthcare industry, the faculty works hard to provide high-quality nursing education, along with the non-teaching and supportive staff.

As the institute's principal, I eagerly anticipate the day when it will be highlighted and recognized one of the top nursing institutions.